Themed Cycling Gift

So what would a themed cycling gift look like? 

It would be an experience that you create that involves cycling. The gift part is the creation of the experience and spending the time together. Another component of the gift may be a physical gift that adds to the experience or is used during the experience. Creating these are a ton of fun. The other joy in this gift is that the recipient gets to enjoy the anticipation leading up to the big event!

With so many different types of places to ride in our area the possibilities and ideas are really endless. I’m going to outline a few ideas to start to get you inspired.

A Picnic in the City

This could be a family trip, parent child or a romantic day.

The Mount Vernon Trail runs from Mont Vernon up to Arlington Virginia while paralleling the Potomac River. The views can be stunning and there is plenty to stop and see along the way. There are lots of parks to enjoy a picnic lunch in. If a picnic isn’t your thing head into Old Town Alexandria and enjoy one of the many restaurants. Don’t forget your bicycle lock. One of the coolest spots to enjoy a picnic is Gravelly Point Park where the planes fly directly overhead arriving and departing from Reagan National Airport. Another great location to picnic is Roosevelt Island. 

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Themed Gifts

Yesterday I wrote about how the last four out of six days all have “names” for them.

Today I feel compelled to talk about “themes” for gifts.

How many of the physical gifts do you actually remember from you life? I remember a few. My first new bike on Christmas Day that I rode it outside that day. A pocket knife that I had been longing for, hidden in the limbs of the tree. The current Trilogy (at the time) of Harry Potter books. They remain unopened and remembered as they were the last gift my father gave me before his passing. Sure I remember other gifts that I got but I believe that is more from looking back over old family photos. Oh and the shower radio my aunt gave me one year. That was a lifesaver in waking me up on those early school mornings.

What do more people remember? Experiences. You know the times you have shared with your family and friends. They may have been epic nights out or crazy outdoor adventures. These are unique times because they are shared experiences where everyone has committed their time to be together. Each person has stopped to focus that time with the people involved and if everyone left their cell phones behind or even turned off, double bonus!

Now most of my gifts are focused around a “theme” for the gift. Certainly my gifts may contain physical items but they are for the sole purpose of being used to contribute to the experience for the  theme that is related to the experience I want to share with the gift recipient. Or maybe I am creating a theme for the recipient to share with a loved one. I find these types of gifts are tons of fun to give. Not only do you get the excitement of giving the actual gift you get the excitement of sharing the gift with them at a later date or hearing about your friends experience with it.

Do they require more thought? Generally.

Are they a little more effort to put together? Sometimes.

Are they more fun to shop for? I think so.

These are now my goto gifts types.

I love sharing my ideas with friends and customers on how to create the experience for their recipient. They can be created for just about anything you can think about. 

Of course I think cycling is the perfect activity to create the experience around. The riding in this area is conducive to lots of different types of themes.

If you need a family activity no problem, activity to do with younger riders got that too.

A romantic weekend away? No problem.

A guys or a girls weekend. No worries.

Want to ride off road, got that covered too.

Over the upcoming days I’ll offer up some ideas and suggestions for themed gifts around each of activities above. Or feel free to reach out to me and I’ll create a personalized suggestions based on your needs.

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Thanksgiving Weekend and Cyber Monday

Autumnal Thanksgiving Arrangement

I find myself conflicted over the Thanksgiving weekend. We start the holiday where we “stop” for a day to give thanks. To press the pause button and to be thankful for what we have. This is something that should be done everyday but it is nice that we as a nation pause to be thankful.

Then sometime during the day or in the wee hours of the night many enter the fray of Black Friday. Our inner consumer comes out. Now if the trend continues you may have participated in one of the last Black Friday’s as the reports show that 59% of people shopped online for Black Friday. I’ll be interested to see the sales numbers reported today from Friday.

Next you spend your weekend eating leftovers catching up with friends and family and watching sports.

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Small Business Saturday


Small Business Saturday – Shop Local and Enjoy the Perks

Today is Small Business Saturday and I encourage you to give the hardworking people in small business a shot at some of your money. Most small businesses are working hard to give you a more personalized level of customer service along with providing you a lot of value for your money. They care about their community more then you can imagine. Stop by, get to know the employees of your local businesses. Most of them love talking to their customers and learning from them.

When thinking about a purchase I encourage you to consider the total cost and the value of your time. Often your overall cost is not less when buying the cheapest item. Your small business are experts in their fields and they can save you hours in research and know what works best in the local area. In many cases you can “see it feel it and test” at your local business. Maybe even take one for a demo. At the end you are much more likely to end up with the right item for your needs the first time. Your purchase will be delivered as an item that has been tested to make sure it works as it is suppose to. The local business will be there for your future support needs should they arise. Often local businesses provide add on services and little to no additional charge. You’ll avoid the hassle of returns, long periods of time on hold waiting for customer service and extra time doing your own trouble shooting. All of this will free you up to spend more time enjoying your purchase and spending time in other areas of your life.

 Local Businesses

Local businesses reinvest in your local economy and generate sales tax revenue and other tax revenue. Money spent at large corporations or on-line generally take the majority of money out of your local economy. Why is this important? Well much of the middle class jobs are jobs that support business in your local economy. The accountants, lawyers, bookkeepers, bankers, insurance agents and the list goes on. As local businesses closes, whether it is retail or service oriented, not only do those jobs go away but there becomes less demand for the companies/jobs that support those companies. A ripple affect starts to build.

It is these local businesses and business owners who support their local communities outside of their business areas. They are donating goods, services and time to the community. Have you every been to a fund-raiser? Where did most of those donations come from? Local businesses. Spend a September in a local business and you’ll soon know may of the hard working volunteers of all the local schools and sports clubs as they reach out for donations. Have you ever seen a donation from Amazon there? Doubt it. Now some larger corporations work hard to support local fund-raisers. This is the exception not the rule generally.

Our system of commerce is changing at a rapid rate. Our economy is adapting slowly. (in my opinion) Our workforce is certainly not changing at a fast enough speed. It is an exciting time if you are in retail currently.

Most of us like to save money and it is smart to stretch your dollars as far as you can. I get it, and like many of us you probably have areas where you invest more because it is something you love to do (likely your hobbies) and other areas where it is more about the functionality of the item. Yet it is important to think about how and where you spend your money. Of course there is the convenience of on-line shopping but when you shop there your money leaves the local economy and thus affects your local economy and local jobs.

Want more? Here is a post that provides a little more information:


Still want more? Some sales tax info:

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A Early New Year’s Century

I haven’t been riding as much as I want to. Next year I am pondering a pretty big late summer early fall ride. A return to conquer some hills that got the best of me to many years ago.

So I am thinking I need an early year Century to train for, like January early. Been searching and I think that the Gran Fondo Brevard may meet my criteria, early in the year and in a warm climate. Who is interested in joining me? Let’s motivate each other over the coming weeks to put in the time on the bike.

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